On the Horizon! My work at Museum of Contemporary Craft

My show “Dare alla Luce” will be opening at the Museum of Contemporary Craft (check out their website) in Portland on January 22, 2009!  I’m really thrilled as are a lot of people in Seattle who actually missed the show while it was in Bellevue.  There are a lot of great new angles and surfaces for the wall painting, and I’m thrilled at the opportunity!  I’ll also be back in Portland in April 2009 when the documentary “Handmade Nation” shows at the MCC, and I’ll be conducting some public crochet parties before the film runs!  Faythe Levine, the film’s director is a powerhouse of community spirit, and I’m looking forward to soak up some of her energy!  Hurray PDX!

(both images, Nora Atkinson)

“Dare alla Luce” will travel to the Museum of Contemporary Craft Portland, opening Jan. 21, 2009 through the end of May 2009