Filming has wrapped on Silvering Path

The Silvering Path filming has finished!  I love these two images that Kamala Dolphin-Kingsley took (look at her flickr set).  They represent the realization of a lot of fantasies for me, and future inspiration for my work to come.  I’m exhausted but pleased with the all-out effort we all gave for this little film.  I am so excited to see what Ian Lucero, our DP/editor, will now do.

If you haven’t already bought tickets to “The Silvering Path” live performance, you really want to do that right now!  They are selling fast! (and selling out will insure these artists eat!!)  

Me in Proximity Magazine!

I’m in Proximity Magazine for their #2 issue!  If you don’t yet know about Proximity, it’s a very impressive art magazine out of Chicago.  I haven’t gotten my copy yet, but I’ll certainly post a peak here once I do.  I am fascinated by the idea that people in Chicago  are looking at pictures of my art…I know, I know the internet exists and for all I know people in Lisbon have looked at my art.  But I guess what fascinates me is the way paper travels.  Someone could leave their new copy of Proximity on a train and it could accidentally travel to Grand Rapids.  It also sounds like the Proximity kids themselves are doing a great job at traveling their magazine around the world.  Plan to check them out and support their efforts by buying a copy at Quimby’s.  Anyhow, I am thrilled and honored to be included! Thanks, Rachael!

The Silvering Path

I am a miserable “blogger”,  just can’t keep up.  I.must.keep.crocheting.  But the slug goddess is almost completed, and I will flood this little blog with info!  lots of exciting news and reviews and possibilities for myself and my work.  But first here is our first press release for the Slug project collaboration and a first peak at visuals.  The title , at last, is The Silvering Path.  It soothes me to say it….please mark your calendars for an event that will not disappoint!   Images taken by  the effortlessly talented Steven Miller.

Dance / Visual Art / Film

Silvering Path
ONE dance of eros, earth and the slug
ONE battle of the Weeble Wobble vs. the Ninjas
And one Monstrous Grandmother

Haruko Nishimura, dance (of Degenerate Art Ensemble)


Mandy Greer ( – Crochet Art
Ian Lucero ( – Film
and Colin Ernst (Circus Contraption) – Sculptural costume

OCTOBER 10,11, 16, 17, 18
2400 3rd ave (at Battery) in belltown * $15 * BROWN PAPER TICKETS

Live adventurous music by Jeffrey Huston and Joshua Kohl
Dress Art by Anna Lange
Video Art Installation by Leo Mayberry

Press Seats Available October 10th and 11th – contact:

With the support of 4Culture, the Mayors Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs and Artist Trust, dancer / performer Haruko Nishimura commissioned three Seattle based master artists to create collaborations with her dance. Colin Ernst has created a Weeble Wobble dress – a wearable wobbling device which allows her to weeble and wobble but not fall down. Mandy Greer has created installation and costume art from many thousands of yards of crochet – which Haruko will wear and perform with. Ian Lucero has created a beautiful saturated film based on the life of a “Slug Princess”.

HARUKO NISHIMURA – performer / dancer / vocalist
Haruko is the co-founder of the music / dance / theater company Degenerate Art Ensemble. With DAE she has produced a consistent stream of original and adventurous works combining physical theater and butoh dance with live experimental music. Haruko is deeply moved by the transformative power of butoh dance –becoming an empty vessel from which anything can grow. She also combines the use of song and the voice in the work. (songs available at She strives to take extreme and radical viewpoints to awaken new truths hidden deep inside of the viewer – juxtaposing terror and humor. Her independent work as performer has included work with Meg Stewart / Damaged Goods (Brussels) and Inkboat (San Francisco) and others.
More on Haruko’s work at

MANDY GREER – sculptor / installation artist
Mandy’s work presents her own elusive interior narratives remade into archetypal tales. These “fairy” tales transcend the personal by mimicking theatrical illusions and tapping into a collective mythology of imagery. By using animal and hybridized forms made up of the flotsam and jetsam of the thriftstore domestic, Greer shoves the viewer into a vivid yet sometimes inexplicable world with the meaning always on the tip of one’s tongue. Her installations attempt to wrap around and contain many paradoxes; the collusion of homeliness and glitz, hunger and indulgence, love and violence, the decorative and the meaningful, the diligence of the handmade and slovenliness of the animal realm. Every surface and stitch is laced with the hope that exhaustive labor holds the promise of the transformative power of Spectacle.

COLIN ERNST – inventor, instrument builder, sculptor
Colin has been making mechanical sculptures for performance for such groups as Circus Contraption and Degenerate Art Ensemble for the past ten years. His work on this project includes the creation of a wearable WEEBLE WOBBLE DRESS (they weeble and they wobble but they don’t fall down) – worn by dancer Haruko Nishimura. See their test wobbling at

IAN LUCERO – video artist / filmmaker
Video artist and film maker Ian Lucero will premiere a film made in collaboration with Haruko Nishimura and Mandy Greer. The film captures in microscopic detail the life of a “Slug Princess” – played by Haruko – and of the Sower – played by Mandy Greer. The film, shot in HD, is full of vivid color and texture with a sound track made from recordings of grains and vegetables. See a preview at