13 thoughts on “Portfolio

  1. Hello,
    I just wanted to let you know that I posted a short artist profile about you on my blog. If you like it let me know! I also linked to your blog. If you have any questions or comments please send me an email. Have a wonderful day!

    -Tegan Ford.

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    • hey grrl + dog

      My stuff is for sale, yes. Most of it is very large, but there are several installations with smaller parts that are easy to live with. The pink tower is already in a collection. The dog piece you mentioned….is it the Yellow Deer in “Sunshine and Shadow” or is it the “Wolf Prince”? I am pretty soon working on getting specific things up on-line whether through a gallery I am working with in Seattle or just up on here. Just let me know the name of the piece and I can send you more info.

      thanks for your interest…

  3. Hi there,
    Let me know if you would be open to being recommended for a commissioned piece at a family services foundation.

  4. Dear Mandy,
    I LOVE your work. I helped out at the Herbert Bayer Earthworks at Mill Creek Canyon Park this last April, and got to see your lovely piece on site. Just beautiful!


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  7. Hello Mandy… I wanted to ask if you usually draw or map out your handwoven wall art prior to making it? I mainly do things freestyle, but then feel like I may be taking the easy way out and not really pushing myself to grow and learn. Also, are all of your workshops mainly in Washington state? If so, do you have any suggestions for weaving workshops in the Southern California area? Thank you for your help as well as your inspiration. Your work is amazing!

    • Hi Rukmini, I do a little of both. Sometimes freestyle I find you can loose sight of the over-all balance of a piece but I also like to meander off my plans. I mainly teach in Washington, but weaving is quite popular at the moment so I’d just google your area and see what turns up!

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