“Stitchery” at SAM Gallery extended till September 1st.

Stitchery PostcardCurrently showing, I have several photographs and a window installation of costumes up at the SAM Gallery as part of their ‘Stitchery’ show, a companion show to SAM’s “Future Beauty”exhibition .  Apparently ‘Stitchery’  has been so well received it has been extended until September 1st!  There is so much good stuff, delicious quilts by Joey Veltkamp, and some pretty spectacular graphic minimal but decedent knitted pieces by Paul Komada.  And everybody’s favorite, stitched silk yo-yos!  I’ve been stitching those up since I was a kid!

Anyhow, please stop by!  Several of my photographs from Iceland have rarely been seen in public, and I was thrilled to be able to share them!

18. torent_GREER12.Stone_Mother_GREER5MB-two face twin flamed hecate 5MB-deep fallen heart 3x4_golden templeI also have several of these photographs, as well as more from each series, currently available in 8 x 12  and 11 x 14 prints, as part of a fundraiser to raise the necessary funds I need to create and ship an installation to Como, Italy this fall.  Please check it out!

Here’s a peak at the window display of several years of my costumes.  The first shot is in my studio….best seen on site at SAM Gallery, I found a window display really difficult to document!

costumes in studio

studio shot before the ladies were installed…


orange cab

I call this one “Orange Cab” ….so hard to document windows!