Super Pile Tufting Wall Weaving Workshop

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Super Pile Tufting Wall Weavings!  Shag, Pile, Tassels, Tufts!  Can you tell I didn’t know what to call these!? This new workshop will teach you how to design and execute these really boisterous wall pieces that are totally contemporary, while also a modern throw-back to latch hook and even more ancient art of Moroccan shag woven carpets.

Made from hundreds of different colors of upcycled t-shirt yarn and a huge selection of other yarns and textiles, to make your piece really outstanding, these designs require careful planning.  I’ll teach you how to create different depths of pile, a color story and a ‘cartoon’ – this is the technique used since medieval tapestry weaving to create pictures.  Without planning, this style of weaving can often just look jumbled, and we don’t want that!

This process is time consuming!  So this all-day 7-hour class will include a ‘pie break’ made by my in-house baker (my son)!  But your investment of time means you’ll come away with a gorgeous and totally fresh and wild piece.


This class is great for beginners to weaving, as well as people who have taken my Basic Weaving Workshop.  I will cover how to build your own easy loom, and also how to warp it.

All materials, tools and loom provided, but you are welcome to bring old t-shirts, socks and any yarn you like.  My studio focuses on reusing ‘fast fashion’ items, transforming them into fresh innovative designs, so clean out your closets!

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Currently scheduling this class as a private party or on-Demand.  See below for more details.

COST:   $95 per person, ONLY 10 SPACES PER CLASS.   You must pre-register and an Informational Email will be sent to you approximately 7 days before the class. Classes need 5 people minimum to run.  So spread the word to friends!  In the past, I have run classes under-enrolled, but can longer afford to do that.  If you want to have your class run, you need to invite friends along!  You will be notified 7 days before class if it is canceled, and a refund will be issued.

 One week before your class, workshop fee is non-refundable, but can be transferred to another person for the day you registered.

Not eligible for the 3-class $100 discount package. If you have purchased a package, you can apply $30 to this class fee.


ON-DEMAND WORKSHOPS:  Don’t see a date you can do?  Get five friends together and I will schedule a workshop that works for your schedule on most days.  Then I’ll promote to fill the class.  Have 9-10 friends?  Schedule a private party and discount.

Private Parties: Super Pile Tufting Weaving Private Parties are available in my studio only.  Up to 10 people for 7 hrs, for $850.  I can travel to your location for an additioanl travel fee.  Contact me for availability

AGE/ABILITY: Great for beginning weavers!  You can do this!  It just takes dedication.    For adult learners,  and children 12 and up who have an interest in weaving, and ability to focus for 6 hours are welcome to attend alone.

WHERE:  At The Silver Studio in Columbia City, Seattle (my studio)


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-Be sure your contact email address with Paypal is correct. That is where I send the “Informational Email” (class confirmation, material list, where to buy them, and the studio address).  If you want a different email used, contact me.

– If the class you want fills up, please email me your desired day and I will put you on the waiting list and/or notify when I hold another series of workshops.

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