Marci McDade, Fiberarts Editor, leads a tour of Dare alla Luce and Silvering Path gets screened in Portland

Marci McDade, the fabulous new editor of Fiberarts Magazine ( a year now!) is leading a tour of my show Dare alla Luce at The Museum of Contemporary Craft, . Also, after a reception for Marci’s anniversary, the MCC will be doing a small screening of The Silvering Path She’s incredibly eloquent and I’m sorry to miss out on what she has to say about the show, if you are in Portland stop in and have some cake!

Handmade Nation comes to the Northwest, to MCC!

The Handmade Nation lovefest continues on to the Northern reaches, to Portland Oregon, to the fabulously on-the-ball Museum of Contemporary Craft – April 3-5.  I’m thrilled to meet up again with Faythe Levine, director of “Handmade Nation”, who has been traveling the world sharing this wonderful film!  Buy tickets ahead of time off the museum’s website, as it looks to be selling out!  I’ll be leading a participatory, interactive, hands-on crochet event on Sunday at 4pm, after the film and a great talk, so come and make.  You’ll be contributing to my latest project, which I will be posting about pretty soon.  Viva the Hand!

These images are from crochet parties to support the creation of The Silvering Path.  The event at MCC will be in support of my newest project, a temporary public art installation called Mater Matrix Mother and Medium sponsored by Seattle Public Utilities, I’ll soon be talking more about this….

Dare alla Luce has opened again at Museum of Contemporary Craft, Portland

My installation “Dare alla Luce” has opened at the Museum of Contemporary Craft in Portland!  It was a super adventurous install, captured on film by the multi-talented filmmaker Ian Lucero — which you can see here.
 He took this footage because he’ll be making a little video about Dare alla Luce, taking shots from both BAM and MCC, as well as some lovely video of “Small but Mighty Wandering Pearl”.    Here are loads of install images taken by my friend Kamala Dolphin-Kingsley

 And, last of all, a great little radio interview with myself, Namita Gupta Wiggers (curator of MCC), Stefano Catalani (curator of BAM), and the marvelous Darrel Morris, who also has a show of his larger works up at MCC as well.  The show will be up until May 31, 2009, so please stop by this wonderful museum!
And a great review in “The Oregonian”!
    and a third review in “The Portland Mercury”  (oooooh, I love mercury…)
    and a review on “Ultra”
And this from Kate Bingaman-Burt!

On the Horizon! My work at Museum of Contemporary Craft

My show “Dare alla Luce” will be opening at the Museum of Contemporary Craft (check out their website) in Portland on January 22, 2009!  I’m really thrilled as are a lot of people in Seattle who actually missed the show while it was in Bellevue.  There are a lot of great new angles and surfaces for the wall painting, and I’m thrilled at the opportunity!  I’ll also be back in Portland in April 2009 when the documentary “Handmade Nation” shows at the MCC, and I’ll be conducting some public crochet parties before the film runs!  Faythe Levine, the film’s director is a powerhouse of community spirit, and I’m looking forward to soak up some of her energy!  Hurray PDX!

(both images, Nora Atkinson)

“Dare alla Luce” will travel to the Museum of Contemporary Craft Portland, opening Jan. 21, 2009 through the end of May 2009…