Dare alla Luce has opened again at Museum of Contemporary Craft, Portland

My installation “Dare alla Luce” has opened at the Museum of Contemporary Craft in Portland!  It was a super adventurous install, captured on film by the multi-talented filmmaker Ian Lucero — which you can see here.
 He took this footage because he’ll be making a little video about Dare alla Luce, taking shots from both BAM and MCC, as well as some lovely video of “Small but Mighty Wandering Pearl”.    Here are loads of install images taken by my friend Kamala Dolphin-Kingsley

 And, last of all, a great little radio interview with myself, Namita Gupta Wiggers (curator of MCC), Stefano Catalani (curator of BAM), and the marvelous Darrel Morris, who also has a show of his larger works up at MCC as well.  The show will be up until May 31, 2009, so please stop by this wonderful museum!
And a great review in “The Oregonian”!
    and a third review in “The Portland Mercury”  (oooooh, I love mercury…)
    and a review on “Ultra”
And this from Kate Bingaman-Burt!

Miami Beach!!!

I am showing this week at Aqua Art Miami (Beach) with the Bucheon Gallery!  Dec. 3-7th, 2008

Come by if you are in town.
Also, here’s a nice little video piece by Vernissage TV of the Aqua Hotel show (my chandelier/giant rag rug and deer head near the very end).
And here is a little shout-out to my work on the American Craft Magazine website,
(scroll down to the Aqua Art Miami bit)

I heart Ian Lucero/ Behind the scenes of SP

Ian has a flickr set (look!!), too of behind the scenes images

and a tiny little peak of video
Ian Lucero kicks butt…I never knew he was filming most of this.  I can’t wait!  I am breathless to see what he has done with all the footage he took of The Silvering Path (6 ++ hours!)  More juicy bits at The Silvering Path production blog (which I will add to once I am done with the work…I guess that’s not usually how it works!)
Behind the Scenes #1: The Silvering Path from Ian Lucero on Vimeo.

Slug Princess (Arion, Eros, Thanatos and the Sower)

I’m just beginning my newest project, a collaboration initiated by the luminous Haruko Nishimura, with myself and film-maker/videographer Ian Lucero.  Please check out the details and progress at the (click here) tumblr blog.
Slug Princess (test footage) 05 30 08 from Ian Lucero on Vimeo.
 We spent one weekend in Portland doing some test footage and Ian pieced together something amazing that has me so excited to work on the real thing.  Haruko and I quickly cut apart a dress and used some crocheting I had begun and some flowers and sewn/beaded vegetables (that were actually meant for Sunshine Yellow Deer from 2003) to create the hint of the headress to come.  I became fascinated with the banana slug (Arion’s slug) last summer at a residency at Smoke Farm in Arlington Wa., seeing them on my trail in the mornings.  And I began to imagine this character of a slug midwife, compassionately assisting dead matter through it’s liminal state, into fertile matter where life could begin again.  Haruko has begun working on embodying this devouring, caressing, creature, full of appetite and desire…..we are all very excited!  The film will be done in October with live performances by Haruko in my costumes in locations TBD.  I also need tons of volunteer help and donations of materials, with three months to work and very little budget, I have some fantastic ideas and want to see them come to life.  Contact me if you’d like to help and I will put you on the work party list!