Crocheting/lounging at SAM Remix, tomorrow!

The Seattle Art Museum has invited me to create a crazy little den of fiber along the path at the Olympic Sculpture Park for SAM Remix, on August 27, 2010 from 8-midnight. Please join me!

I’ll have piles and piles of shredded fabrics and yarns, and will be teaching anyone who wants to dive in how to crochet thick massive chains of every color.

I’m purging my studio of the craziest most insanely unusable fabrics and crocheting them into big root forms that I dye later with a mixture of scrap watered-down latex paint and mud.

These roots will afterward become the bones for an installation chamber that will be a part of my show “Honey and Lightening” opening in January 2011 at Roq La Rue Gallery, Seattle.

So please join me for some late-night art collaborating at SAM Remix. It’s been scientifically proven by fancy smart scientists that it’s easier to talk to people at a party while you lounge around crocheting! Or come rest after you’ve cut a rug to all the various bands and performances happening that night!

SAM says:

See new installations and celebrate summer at the Olympic Sculpture Park. Experience art, performances, talks, dancing and more at this late-night creative explosion!

Music by SunTzu Sound, Truckasauras, Seattle Percussion Collective, I Heart Shiva and Library Science.

See art by Trenton Doyle Hancock, Bureau of Drawers and Stranger Genius Susie Lee. Hear talks and tours by artists and arty people. And the view rocks! Let’s make a mess together.

Click here to get tickets!

Illuminate the park after dark: first 50 in neon get in free.

I’ll be creating a kind of crocheted ‘opium den’ at SAM Remix using a project from a recent intensive workshop I taught up at Centrum art center, in Port Townsend, Wa. I taught Eco Installation for the High School artist, and one of the collectives was kind enough to loan me their installation materials to make my tent at SAM really something special.

I can’t say enough good things about Centrum’s Young Artists Project! I got to share my own studio practice and create installations on the grounds of Fort Worden State Park with some smashing young people.

One important element of my workshop was to stress the importance of documentation of eco art works, so, I created a blog for the students and documented their process, progress and general good time! Please check out their work and check out the fine job Centrum does in creating a safe, healthy and vital place for young artists to bloom at