Fallow Collective: “Bonds” happening/performance this summer in Seattle


Fallow Collective presents the second edition of ‘Bonds’, an in-city family residency that will take place in a series of public leisure sites around Seattle this summer.

Join in this performance of ‘Bonds’ on a picnic blanket in Volunteer Park. You will find us in a small grassy field, just west of the Seward statue, in front of the Conservatory.  1402 E Galer St, Seattle, Washington 98112.  From 5pm – 8:15pm (sunset)

This edition of Bonds falls on the full moon, and also on the 12th anniversary of when one Fallow Collective member began feeding another Fallow Collective member (….my milk came in, after giving birth two days before). To celebrate the cycles of fertility we ALL were born of and our connection to this celestial orb, we’ll be offering you ‘moon bread’ and red velvet cake!

To give back to the cycles of fertility, we are asking you to bring menstrual supplies that will be donated to All Cycles, an outreach project that provides support for menstruating folks who are homeless. http://allcycles.org/

The work doesn’t get done without you.

Help create weavings on the bodies of Fallow Collective artists.
We’ll have additional circle weavings set up so you can put on your own fingers to see what it’s like. It’s wonderful.

Feed yourself with Fallow Collective home-made bread and experimental desserts.
Feed us while our hands are tied up in the mode of production.
Experience the pleasure of making, giving and receiving, in a no-goal, no-skill, no-judgement framework bolstered by the energy of hands in motion together.

Bread, Fruit, Flowers, Desserts, Risk, Vulnerability, Companionship and Touch will be available on the picnic blanket from about 5-8:15pm (at sunset). All are welcome, All ages. You are welcome to bring your own blanket, and things to share. Come rest with us, linger, pass the time, make, eat.


SM_fallow collective

What is Fallow Collective?

Fallow Collective places itself at odds with the dominate narrative of the art world for the maternal artist, that residencies = no children allowed, that children are a distraction, that studio time = ignoring your child.

Fallow Collective chips away at the frustrations that the maternal artist must choose between studio time or having friends, must choose between studio time or spending time with your partner and family, choose between childcare costs and participating in cultural events, choose between drinking with other artists or being alert to care for children. Fallow Collective rejects that the maternal desire to be near your child is at odds with studio practice, that maternal desire is only of importance/of consequence to a maternal audience and that care-taking is of little value to the art world unless done by a man…..all this we aim to resist even as we acknowledge the times it feels true. We aspire to a shift. A shift where the maternal is not hidden behind an artist identity, a shift where the artist mother is visible, is not swallowed whole by the dominant culture’s notion of what the maternal should be.

Visibility is a political position. Fallow is what happens when ‘production’ slows , but health and fertility returns. The Un-health of market capitalism only views the artist as ‘productive’ when they are churning out luxury goods to be bought and sold on a rarefied market.

Fallow Collective takes its cue from a lineage of relational and maternal aesthetics. Not presenting a fantasy or imagined vision of reality, but an actual mode of living and plan for taking action within the world as it is, even on the smallest scale of a social picnic. Rather than viewer and object, meaning is held and passed between all parties involved collectively.

Who is Fallow Collective?

Fallow Collective is an incubator and laboratory of an inter-generational core group of artists consisting of Mandy Greer, Hazel Margolis and Paul Margolis, who together –thicker than water and thicker than thieves– create installation, performance and media works. Primarily generating works through an on-going series of ‘family-in-residence’ projects, both independently generated and supported by traditional residency programs, Fallow Collective challenges and upends the arbitrary boundaries between art-making, leisure, care-taking, family and exploration.



Interactive Performance Installation with Alice Gosti

SAT JAN 23rd, 7-9pm

Olympic Sculpture Park

2901 Western Ave, Seattle, Washington 98121

‘Before You Were Born and After You Are Gone’

The first in the series of Art Encounters at the Park – SAM Olympic Sculpture Park Winter Weekends

Event is free and open to the multi-generational public.
RSVPs requested: visitsam.org/winter


Mandy Greer and Alice Gosti join together to dip into their already flowing works-in-progress to offer a forum for play, experimentation and connection -reinforcing communal bonds, that in uncertain times seem tenuous, but like love, must be activated to remain strong.

Immerse yourself in the flux of works being built around you, your hands joining others in the present moment. This evening event is an aggregation of durational performance and multi-media immersive installation, workshop and laboratory, exploration and game; where teaching becomes ritualized movement and making as choreography. Play becomes research that upends the hierarchy of audience and artist, adult and child.

A multi-generational performance company of professional and non-professional performers guide you through a labyrinth of cyclical and gentle prompts, tasks, connections and gift exchanges based on ritual childhood games, craft projects, and childlike urges. Through this, learning and teaching others becomes a way to test our ability to open to others around us, and the physicality of handwork accesses the immediacy of the communal instinct.

Set against an abstracted environment of mountain and sea, that seeming permanence is rendered in the soft contours of raw fibers reclaimed from the domestic sphere. The hard rock and crashing waves become both a metaphor for our inner world, familial tensions and release, and the site of social and political flux and upheaval.


Both artists meet at the desire to examine the physical and psychological weight of the connections we have and need with other living beings. The threads that bind us to each other in responsibility are represented by the weight of the child in society, either abandoned or carried by all.

Through carried weight, this project functions as a reminder that the human community has always been on the move, that burdens have always been shouldered as humans have thrown their fragile bodies to the mercy of the natural world, crossing sea and land passes to seek peace and a way to just live. And how we choose to care or not care for each other is one of the heaviest burdens we bear.

Greer and Gosti both work to make the invisible visible, through both political and poetic metaphor, whether it be the buried inner life or putting front and center the experiences of those pushed to the margins. Join us and immerse yourself in exploring the invisible and mysterious bonds of being human.

More info on Facebook Invite. Join and spread the word!

BYWB_bannerPerformers include:
Brit Karhoff
Emma Klein
Wyly Astley
Paul Margolis
Hazel Margolis
Callaghan Crook
Eila Crook