“Saltus Chori Aevum” performance this past spring, upcoming film…

I just wanted to share some incredible images shot by filmmaker/photographer Rodrigo Valenzuela of my big project this past spring, another iteration of my on-going process-based community art installation Mater Matrix Mother and Medium.  His images somehow transform the sometimes over-troden Seattle Center into a temple complex.  Rodrigo will be premiering a short film he has made about these 2012 performances titled “Saltus Chori Aevum”, this July 3rd from 5-8pm at the The Rendezvous Jewel Box Theater, in Seattle.

Please join us!  And now a bit of what I had to say about this project and performance from the Mater Matrix Mother and Medium blog:

“Mandy Greer’s ongoing Mater Matrix Mother and Medium project premiers a new multi-media performance entitled “Saltus Chori Aevum”, all words in Latin that mean “passage” but in very different forms, from the passage of time, to a passage in music, to a passage in the landscape.

Led by the three female figures of the Moirai – the Spinner, the Allotter and the Unturnable – this experiential performance delves into how simultaneous and conflicting states of being function in collusion.  Referencing the transformational ability of water to slip between three states, and the spectrum of impact water has on the human drama –from tranquility all the way to devastation– the performance will interweave rites of passage into an investigation of the sometimes-contradictory predicament of being both an individual and a member of a group.

Created in collaboration by Greer, choreographer/dancer Jessica Jobaris, performance artist/vocalist Saskia Delores, harpist/poet Monica Schley, dancer Andrea Ives and video artist Rodrigo Valenzuela.  The performers, working together or apart, traverse the landscape, coaxing out the thin space between manual labor and contemplative practice.  Small acts of menial work  — washing, cleaning, caretaking, spinning, weaving — are revealed as thresholds to states of transformation, exploring the dual role of water in the mundane and the mystical.

Presented by The Seattle Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs and Commissioned by Seattle Public Utilities 1% for Art.  MMMM celebrates and interprets the splendor of Seattle’s urban watersheds and encourages stewardship, especially as it connects to SPU’s work.  MMMM performance and installation is sponsored by the Seattle Center Foundation’s Next 50 program of events, during Sustainable Futures month. “


Creative Direction, Installation, Costumes: Mandy Greer

Choreography: Jessica Jobaris

Vocals, Mixing, Co-production: Saskia Delores

Harp, Vocals, Arrangement: Monica Schley

Video, contributing sound design: Rodrigo Valenzuela

The Three Moirai: Jessica Jobaris, Saskia Delores, Monica Schley

The Two Supplicants: Andrea Ives and Mandy Greer

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My ‘MMMM’ crocheted installation heads to NYC!

shot by Ian Lucero for MMMM film
shot by Ian Lucero for MMMM film

My installation ‘Mater Matrix Mother and Medium’ has been dormant for about a year, but is about to return in yet another form, this time winding its way 65 feet above the ground through the massive and dramatic stone canyon of columns of the Gothic Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine in NYC, as part of their exhibition and symposium “The Value of Water: Sustaining a Green Planet”, from September 2011 – March 2012.

You can read more about it here at my blog about MMMM.

Please consider supporting the traveling of this installation through a small donation on Kickstarter: “MMMM community crochet installation heads to NYC”

ALSO:  I’ll be at The Cathedral St. John the Divine this Sunday September 18th, 2011, crocheting on the grounds just behind the Peace Fountain.  If you just happen to be in NYC, I would love it if you could join me to crochet little pools for the next incarnation of MMMM.  I’ll be there from 12-3pm, and will have all materials and hooks, and can teach anyone to crochet.  If you have extra scrap blue yarn, I would gladly accept that too!  Or just drop by and say hello, and take a peak at the installation in the Cathedral.  Here’s the Facebook invite!

Installing at Herbert Bayer Earthworks, 2010
Installing at Herbert Bayer Earthworks, 2010

Mater Matrix Mother and Medium is going up again in Issaquah, Washington, Community Crocheting this weekend!

My on-going project “Mater Matrix Mother and Medium”, a community-based and site-embedded installation, is on the move this summer, as part of 4Culture’s SITE SPECIFIC network, this time to Issaquah Washington. The Issaquah Arts Commission has invited myself and artist Paul Margolis (my husband!) to be artists in-residence at the beautiful park at the historic 19th century Pickering Barn, as we reinvision MMMM from August 17th – 26th, right adjacent to one of the widest and most pristine sections of Issaquah Creek. In support of this ever-changing artwork, the Arts Commission will host me at three community crochet events throughout this summer at various locations around Issaquah. The MMMM river will be up in the park until the end of September, 2010.

The final Community Crochet event is this Saturday, August 21, 2010, from 10 am – 2pm at the Pickering Barn during the Issaquah Farmers Market. Facebook Invite is here.

I mainly post things about MMMM at its very own blog, so check it out to see more about the process of putting this piece up in Issaquah, as well as a flood of pictures I will take this week….check it out soon!

Mater Matrix Mother and Medium celebrates the splendor of our urban waterways and the communities that protect them. It invites you to slow down, talk with your neighbors, while you work with your hands.

Mater Matrix Mother and Medium was originally commissioned in Summer 2009 by the Seattle Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs using the Seattle Public Utilities 1% for Art Funds. But the issues and questions behind this work aren’t just bound to Seattle. Issues such as what makes community happen, what has happened to the “sacredness” of water that ALL of our human ancestors felt, what happens when you sit and talk with people you don’t know, what happens when you try to do something you’ve never done before and what happens when you just go with the process rather than product.

“Zuster Sweostor Systir” opens at Ohge Ltd. Gallery on Feb. 4th, 2010

“Zuster Sweostor Systir”, a companion show to my project from this past spring and summer “Mater Matrix Mother and Medium” , opens on First Thursday, Feb. 4th 2010 at  Ohge Ltd. Gallery, Seattle.  The show features a film made in collaboration with Ian Lucero, created out of Zoe Scofield and Morgan Henderson’s performance from MMMM, performance artifacts, as well as photographs created in collaboration with Jennifer Zwick, performance photos by Juniper Shuey, as well as paper quilts and objects and photos created in collaboration with Paul Margolis that came out of my continued fascination with the fabricated woods we find around Seattle.

Mater Matrix Mother and Medium has started!

My newest project has begun, “Mater Matrix Mother and Medium”, – an interactive, process-based art installation in Seattle’s urban forest and with a performance by Zoe Scofield – Spring and Summer 2009. I have a blog for the project at matermatrixmother.wordpress.com Please check it out to find out how you can participate, and more information all around!
see more images at the MMMM flickr