‘Les Pom Poms for Paris!’ Open Studio Sale Fundraiser and Pom-Pom making workshop!

April 12, SAT, 12-6pm
April 13, SUN, 2-6pm

At: The Silver Studio

5264 39th Ave. S. Seattle , Wa. 98118

Come in the Big Silver Doors! Please park across the street.

Join me in my studio for a sale of photographs and neck-pieces, tote bags and catalogs. And stay to make yourself a few pom-pom accessories using my stash of hundreds of skeins of yarn. For a $5, $10 or $20 donation (your choice), I will teach you to make a richly textured pom-pom wristlet or headband or neckpiece.

If you don’t want to make one, I can make you your own bespoke pom-pom!

Also there will be wine, tea and treats!

SM_green pom-pom wreath
I’m raising money to fund my recent project in Paris and a residency in Normandy. Wait…didn’t I already raise money for this? Yes! I spent this past winter teaching and fundraising, but about a week before we left my house and studio was broken into and robbed. Thankfully no one was hurt, and luckily we had insurance. But my car keys were stolen, among other things and the insurance refused to pay to have my car re-keyed. The cost was the same amount I had raised for the trip to Paris, $1200. This unexpected unfortunate event meant all my money was gone before I left, and with the $1000 deductible it has left me scrambling financially. So when times are hard, MAKE POM-POMS!

All of my works will be at studio prices, very affordable, with smaller framed works and older pieces an additional 50% off. I’ll also be having a 40% sale on all my prints available to order these two days from me in the studio and available to pick up in 2 weeks. I’ll also have some new larger unframed prints from Iceland, beautiful sewn paper photo collages and many fiber neck pieces.

If you can’t come and still want to donate to get a pom-pom, donate right here, and tell me what color pom-pom you want.

donate button

I can ship you pom-pom for an additional $5 or you can pick it up at my studio. Don’t need a pom-pom, or print, or tote or catalog and still want to help out? I’ve had several friends offer to help out but don’t want anything; You can use this donate button as well, but just message that you don’t want a pom-pom. I would be so grateful!

Get your own Pom-Pom wrist-let!  Make your own or have me make one!

Get your own Pom-Pom wrist-let! Make your own or have me make one!


I had an incredible time in Paris, and was able to share my installation and performance with an entirely new European audience, including a well-attended press preview and even the mayor! I also had the chance to create a new costume in Normandy and have several photo shoots and many films to work with these coming months, as I prepare to show them at The Hudson River Museum this summer. Any amount you can contribute will help me fund this work, and important exposure for it.

Our performance and installation at Le Beffroi in Montrouge, Paris

Our performance and installation at Le Beffroi in Montrouge, Paris

The 10 day residency in Normandy also provided the time for my husband, artist Paul Margolis, to begin a new crocheted suit, and continue working on his photo project “Invincibility/Invisibility Suit”, which has traveled to Iceland, Italy and now France. You’ll be supporting both our works! Prints of the Invincibility/Invisibility Suit will be available as well.

Come find a great piece of art and have some fun hanging out in the studio with me.

I accept cash and credit card (and a check if I know you!)

FBSM_pink crosspompom

pom-pom headband, Come make your own!

pom-pom headband, Come make your own!

pom-pom necklace, Come make your own!

pom-pom necklace, Come make your own!

STUDIO SALE Open House and Paris Fundraiser! 12/21-12/22

I have some really exciting news that has me scrambling in ‘make-it-work’ mode!  I have been invited to install my latest installation “Every Moment Lost is Lost Forever” in Paris, to recreate my installation/performance at the Le Beffroi Cultural Center, in February, 2014!  This installation premiered in October at Arte&Arte’s Eros exhibition, an international fiber installation exhibition held in the 17th century Villa Olmo on the banks of Lake Como, Italy.  I couldn’t be more thrilled to be working again with Arte&Arte, and sharing my work with yet another international audience.  But I have to come up with the funds to do this, including the dire need to raise funds for airfare and lodging for 3 performers(including myself)!  I also have on the farther horizon in March 2014, the cost of shipping my crates back to the US.  SO any help from those that support what I do is invaluable!

EML_ceiling_300So, Please join me at my studio this weekend to kick off the fundraising for an Open House and Studio Sale of more than a decade of artwork, priced at below studio prices (i.e. less than half of purchasing in a gallery)!

Come hang out and have treats, wine, hot tea and cozy candle light (it’s the Solstice, my favorite day!)

Time: 12/21 SAT from 12 – 6pm
          12/22 SUN from 1 -6pm

AND after that, BY APPOINTMENT until January 4th, 2014, prices stay low!
Just contact me to set up a meeting.

AT:  My studio, the Silver Studio in Columbia City, contact me for an appt.

I have more than 30 professionally framed artist proofs of my photographs for purchase, in a wide range of sizes and prices.
As well as all images are available to order in three different sizes, in limited editions of 25, at discounted pricing from my online print shop, if you order them in person.

greasey profile

Framed artist proof of this work with be available in a wood frame with black linen matte

I also have done a huge studio and deep-storage clean-out and have unearthed many many “vintage Mandy Greer” pieces available – works that are about 10 years old – at incredibly low prices. Fiber wall sculptures, sculptures, collages, drawings of larger works.

I’ll also have books, and large woven blankets, elaborate neck pieces, hand-knit elaborate and simple cowls, pom-pom necklaces and wrist-let accessories! Something for all….for gifts, for yourself.

..if you enjoy, love, respect what I do, please consider investing in it and living with it!

HOW ELSE CAN YOU HELP: Many friends have asked how they could help if they don’t want to buy something, if I was going to do a Kickstarter. I’m not this time, for a variety of reasons. If you want to donate to this Italian-Franco project of mine, I would be utterly grateful for any amount!

I’ll have a big donation jar at the Open House, and with any amount donated ($1 or $10 or $100), I’ll make you a pom-pom wristlet or necklace in your choice of color! Poms will be available at my studio in March, when I return.

pomgiveawayAnother way to help is to join, like and share this event on Facebook!  I’ll continue to post preview images on Facebook, so follow me if you’d like to keep up.

If you can’t attend but still want to donate any amount for a Pom-Pom accessory in the color of your choice, you can do that with this link! email me your color.donate button
THANK YOU SEATTLE for the support, and nurturing place to grow as an artist! I’ve been working hard here since 1999 (…unreal!) I am trying to share what I do with the rest of the world, show them what we do out here between the mountains and the sea! And I still need your help and support to make this happen!  Please join me for some warmth and beautiful things at my studio this weekend!