Zuster Sweostor Systir has one more weekend, and a closing crochet party, and some press mentions!

If you haven’t been able to check out my show at Ohge Ltd. Gallery, you just have one more weekend, this Friday the 19th and Saturday the 20th of March, 2010, from 11-6.  The picture of my head-dress has spread far and wide across the blogs and blogs, which is fascinating to watch.  It’s just so , I don’t know….viral.  It’s just an image of a quiet moment with my husband, Paul Margolis, who shot the images with me.

To celebrate the close of the show, as well as celebrate the beginnings of a new body of work, I’m hosting a closing party at the gallery.  Here’s a facebook invite, if you do that, and otherwise here’s the information, if you live in the Seattle area!

Closing Crochet Chocolate Gorging Party!

Come join me on the closing night of my show ‘Zuster Swoestor Systir’ for some chocolate brown crocheting and some chocolate eating! I‘ll have a table full of all shades of chocolate brown delights, as well as a wild pile of brown yarns and fabrics to crochet. Come hang out and learn to crochet, chat with people you know and don’t know, and relax before you head out for the evening.

The brown crocheting will all be combined together to make the roots of an ancient cherry tree, creating a chamber for slumber…I think. We’ll see in the coming year. I’m in the early stages of work for a show at Roc la Rue Gallery in early 2011, a show about honey, lightening, gold, cherry blossoms, crossbill birds and white woodpeckers, nets of black hair and elaborate beards, all about the mercurial nature of desire (or so I think…)

Beginners welcome, bring hooks and chocolate if you have them. Donations of old brown yarn and fabric always welcome!

RSVP so I’ll have enough of the good stuff (which might include Chocolate Russians if I can get my act together!)

Have one last look at the show, including the MMMM film created with Zoe Scofield, Morgan Henderson and Ian Lucero

Sat. March 20th, 2010    6-10pm

Ohge, Ltd. Gallery

831 Airport Way South, Seattle

ZSS also got some nice blog mentions: thanks Joey, Jen and Ms. Regina!

Best Of: Joey Veltkamp

Currently Hanging:SLOG: The Stranger: Jen Graves

Another Bouncing Ball: Arts Journal: Regina Hackett: “Her Forest, Her Ruins, Her River”

My work is on the cover of Fiberarts, yippee!

Well, I’ve finally gotten my copy, read it and digested the fact that my work is actually on the cover of  Fiberarts Magazine!  Haruko Nishimura (my collaborator on The Silvering Path, along with Ian Lucero) looks absolutely stunning, and I’m just thrilled for her!  The article by Suzanne Beal is a real gift; she took so much time talking with me, not glossing over anything, and captured some very small but important details about what I do and the way I think.  I am so grateful to her!  It’s a great issue as a whole, go get a copy!

Dare alla Luce has opened again at Museum of Contemporary Craft, Portland

My installation “Dare alla Luce” has opened at the Museum of Contemporary Craft in Portland!  It was a super adventurous install, captured on film by the multi-talented filmmaker Ian Lucero — which you can see here.
 He took this footage because he’ll be making a little video about Dare alla Luce, taking shots from both BAM and MCC, as well as some lovely video of “Small but Mighty Wandering Pearl”.    Here are loads of install images taken by my friend Kamala Dolphin-Kingsley

 And, last of all, a great little radio interview with myself, Namita Gupta Wiggers (curator of MCC), Stefano Catalani (curator of BAM), and the marvelous Darrel Morris, who also has a show of his larger works up at MCC as well.  The show will be up until May 31, 2009, so please stop by this wonderful museum!
And a great review in “The Oregonian”!
    and a third review in “The Portland Mercury”  (oooooh, I love mercury…)
    and a review on “Ultra”
And this from Kate Bingaman-Burt!

Miami Beach!!!

I am showing this week at Aqua Art Miami (Beach) with the Bucheon Gallery!  Dec. 3-7th, 2008

Come by if you are in town.
Also, here’s a nice little video piece by Vernissage TV of the Aqua Hotel show (my chandelier/giant rag rug and deer head near the very end).
And here is a little shout-out to my work on the American Craft Magazine website,
(scroll down to the Aqua Art Miami bit)

Me in Proximity Magazine!

I’m in Proximity Magazine for their #2 issue!  If you don’t yet know about Proximity, it’s a very impressive art magazine out of Chicago.  I haven’t gotten my copy yet, but I’ll certainly post a peak here once I do.  I am fascinated by the idea that people in Chicago  are looking at pictures of my art…I know, I know the internet exists and for all I know people in Lisbon have looked at my art.  But I guess what fascinates me is the way paper travels.  Someone could leave their new copy of Proximity on a train and it could accidentally travel to Grand Rapids.  It also sounds like the Proximity kids themselves are doing a great job at traveling their magazine around the world.  Plan to check them out and support their efforts by buying a copy at Quimby’s.  Anyhow, I am thrilled and honored to be included! Thanks, Rachael!