NEW: Weaving Wall Hangings Workshop


We are innately drawn to the charms of weaving, evocative of so many rich metaphors –bring disparate parts into a whole, interlacing of ideas, the inter-dependency of the communal. It’s a human technology that has been around for 27,000 years –even before agriculture- and still captivates us. In the ancient Greek mind, weaving was linked to singing and storytelling, which makes sense when you sit at a loom, the strings not unlike the strings of a lyre. It is an archetypal coming together of human necessity and creative expression, and represents the cosmos in many cultures, infinitely expanding order out of chaos.  For Homer, it represented intellectual activity, and the subversive way women claimed agency and legacy. Weaving goddesses ensnare and trap, measuring out the fiber of being.

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Let’s weave together.

The woven wall hangings so popular today are a throw-back to my own youth of the 70’s.  But sitting at a loom for a devoted period of time seems to kick up ancient memories. Weaving was my gateway drug to fiber arts, when I was 8 years old and had the chance to weave on large 19th century looms in the attic of an old Girls Scout lodge in Virginia.  I felt something mysterious had been revealed to me.
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Since then, I’ve longed to have my own loom, but been daunted by the cost and space. Yet people around the world have created weaves on the slightest of looms, and I challenged myself to create a communal experience making this practice easy for anyone.

I’ve broken it down into simple steps that I can teach to any beginner, but will guide students to make a complex and rich work with plain weave, sumac stitch, basket weave, poofs, tufts and angles. We’ll work on easily-built basic looms and you’ll get instruction on how to build your own low-cost, low-tool loom at home.   Come join in the warm studio atmosphere, with tea and snacks, and conversation with others in the class as you create. This is a 5-hour class, we’ll take a short lunch break at noon, so bring a sack lunch. I’ll have homemade muffins and hot chocolate. Don’t wait to the last minute to register! Classes are cancelled a week before, if registration isn’t met.


MATERIALS: I have some incredible luxurious and organic materials for you! I have acquired a HUGE lot of samples from a Tibetan rug making company, with 100’s of colors in earth tones and jewel tones, and we’ll reclaim this amazing hand-spun and dyed wool to create our tufts, fringes and weaves. The yarn is not overly processed and still has some lanolin in it, and has a natural character to it.  I also have many many skeins of natural colors of wool in Icelandic and unprocessed Merino wools, as well as many colors of roving, natural jute-type fibers and reclaim cotton knit. All tools provided.



EDIT:  This post is from 2015: Find all current scheduled workshops HERE

ON-DEMAND WORKSHOPS:  Don’t see a date you can do?  Get four friends together and I will schedule a workshop that works for your schedule on most days Then I’ll promote to fill the class.  Have 6 or more friends?  Schedule a private party and get a big discount.

COST:   $70 per person, ONLY 10 SPACES PER CLASS.

You must pre-register and an Informational Email will be sent to you approximately 7 days before the class. Classes need 5 people minimum to run.  So spread the word to friends!  In the past, I have run classes under-enrolled, but can longer afford to do that.  If you want to have your class run, you need to invite friends along!  You will be notified 7 days before class if it is canceled, and a refund will be issued.

Not eligible for the 3-class $90 discount package. If you have purchased a package, you can apply $30 to this class fee.

AGE/ABILITY: Great for beginning weavers!  You can do this!  It just takes dedication.    For adult learners,  and children 12 and up who have an interest in weaving, and ability to focus for 5 hours are welcome to attend alone.

WHERE:  At The Silver Studio in Columbia City, Seattle (my studio)


-Be sure your contact email address with Paypal is correct. That is where I send the “Informational Email” (class confirmation, material list, where to buy them, and the studio address).  If you want a different email used, contact me.

– If the class you want fills up, please email me your desired day and I will put you on the waiting list and/or notify when I hold another series of workshops.

– One week before your class, workshop fee is non-refundable, but can be transferred to another person.

Private Parties: Weaving Private Parties are available in my studio only. Up to 10 people for 5 hrs, for $500, plus a material fee of $10 per person.  Contact me for availability

GIFT CERTIFICATESGive studio time as a gift!


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