Two shows open late-March in Seattle: “RED CURRENT (sweet fruit)” and “Lavish and Lush”

The Pelican Goddess

The Pelican Goddess

And I’m back. From Italy, and almost un-sick! And already getting ready for two shows that open very soon in my own backyard.  The first is the brainchild of two raven-haired, whip-smart art mavens of the contemporary Northwest scene; independent curator/artist/entrepreneur Sharon Arnold and legendary Roq la Rue gallerist Kirsten Anderson.

RED CURRENT (sweet fruit) has been curated by Arnold to capture a moment of red hot intensity in the Seattle Art landscape, curating 37 artists into a salon-style survey of what is happening right now in this community. I am thrilled to show one of my favorite works, “The Pelican Goddess”, with a group of artists I’m humbled to be a part of.

by Counsel Langley, "Far North"

by Counsel Langley, "Far North"

The line-up, please:

Mandy Greer  Kimberly Trowbridge  Amanda Manitach  Izzie Klingels  Serrah Russell  Saskia Delores  Debra Baxter  Jess Rees  Anne Blackburn  Erin Frost  Lynda Sherman Laura Ward  Jennifer McNeely  Susanna Bluhm  Counsel Langely  Erin Shafkind  Claire Johnson  Klara Glosova  Andrea Wicklund  Gala Bent  Rumi Koshino  Naomi Faith Allyce Wood  Julie Alpert  Crystal Barbre  Deborah Scott  Kristen Ramirez  Allie Manch  Ellen Garvens  Cristin Ford  Gretchen Bennett  Francesca Lohmann  Emily Pothast Bette Burgoyne  Jennifer Borges Foster  Jennifer Zwick  and Stacey Rozich

Amanda Manitach

Amanda Manitach

The show opens on Friday March 23rd from 6-9pm and runs through April 7, 2012 and Kirsten Anderson promises a festive opening with themed ‘treats’, if you will.

Roq la Rue Gallery  |  2312 2nd Ave. |  Seattle  | 206-374-8977







The second show I show up in is “Lavish and Lush”, part of the clay-bombing of Seattle that’s about to happen when the NCECA Conference blows into town this March 28th-31st.  The 2012 theme for the conference is “On the Edge”, which I guess works for me since I’ll be showing photographs…of fiber, and clay and flesh.  If anyone knows my history, it begins in clay.  That beginning still bares a trace in the piles of visceral messy fluidity I bring to the fore in fabric, and most distinctly in the “root room” I made last year at my Roq la Rue show “Honey and Lightening”, which was soaked in latex paint and mud from the foundation of my home.

The Cherry Tree Root Chamber, detail, 2011

The Cherry Tree Root Chamber, detail, 2011

The process of making that installation was a sloppy, goopy mess, so full of the pleasure I found in working with clay for years, but without the need to go near a kiln.  It pushed clay back into my work, not as objects or even sculptural material, but time-based sensuality incorporated into some of my performance-based photographs.

The Golden Cage, archival ink jet print, 2011

The Golden Cage, archival ink jet print, 2011

Curated by Tammie Renee Rubin, artist and assistant professor of ceramics at University of Illinois and artist Erin Furimsky, visiting professor at Illinois State University and Heartland Community College,

“Lavish and Lush” is an exhibition of experimental sculptural objects and small installations that are both excessive and obsessive in concept, composition, and materiality. Each artist in this exhibition possesses a lavish and lush aesthetic, creating prolific works wrought with sumptuous surfaces, ornate renderings, and sensual textures that are both visual and tactile feasts. Like feast on food, one feels comforted and nourished, but if the consumption continues the experience shifts uncomfortably to one of over consumption and repulsion”.

Since Claypalooza is only in town for a short while, there is a limited amount of time you can catch the show as well as a whole host of other NCECA shows at:

Seattle Design Center/Suite 366  |  5701 Sixth Avenue South |  Seattle, WA 98108

Two opening receptions, Tuesday, March 27, 5p – 9p & Friday, March 30, 5p – 9pm

Monday/26, Wednesday/28, Thursday/29:   9AM to 5 PM

Tuesday/27: 9 AM to 9PM

Friday/30: 10 AM to 9 PM

Saturday, March 31, 10 AM to 5 PM

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