Portfolio for “Honey and Lightening” finally up…

Arg….poor blog, so neglected….I have been up to my armpits in a new commission for a Bow Lake Elementary School, and am ONLY just now getting a full set of images up from my January show at Roc La Rue Gallery, “Honey and Lightening”.  Here, check out the whole shebang in this  slide show..

The show had some really exciting blog press (from me favorite blogs!) and a review in the Seattle Times by the delightful Rachel Shimp.  After all the exhausting work, it’s gratifying to see this is the paper…

“Looking at every large-scale work of Greer’s, you’re taken aback by its inventiveness and old-fashioned beauty. The works allow you to be unself-consciously awed by art. And there’s still much to ponder.”                          –Seattle Times

Check out the blogs, too!

My Love For You….


Redefine Magazine

Hi-Fructose Magazine

Best Of  (yea Joey!!!

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