Dare alla Luce has opened again at Museum of Contemporary Craft, Portland

My installation “Dare alla Luce” has opened at the Museum of Contemporary Craft in Portland!  It was a super adventurous install, captured on film by the multi-talented filmmaker Ian Lucero — which you can see here.
 He took this footage because he’ll be making a little video about Dare alla Luce, taking shots from both BAM and MCC, as well as some lovely video of “Small but Mighty Wandering Pearl”.    Here are loads of install images taken by my friend Kamala Dolphin-Kingsley

 And, last of all, a great little radio interview with myself, Namita Gupta Wiggers (curator of MCC), Stefano Catalani (curator of BAM), and the marvelous Darrel Morris, who also has a show of his larger works up at MCC as well.  The show will be up until May 31, 2009, so please stop by this wonderful museum!
And a great review in “The Oregonian”!
    and a third review in “The Portland Mercury”  (oooooh, I love mercury…)
    and a review on “Ultra”
And this from Kate Bingaman-Burt!

3 thoughts on “Dare alla Luce has opened again at Museum of Contemporary Craft, Portland

    • Hi Hanna,
      I do get this question a lot, honestly sometimes I’m not sure. I don’t have a lot of assistants; sometimes when I have been working a show that has some amount of funding, I will need to hire an assistant for 2-3 weeks at the end, just to get it all done. But that usually means I’m paying them while I don’t get paid. Some of my work involves community workshops, but those in reality have been more about creating community space rather than getting piles of work done. The cold hard truth is I sacrifice time doing other things to work, work, work all the time…which isn’t always the healthiest way to go. The past year has been a time to repair some of the damage that has done in my family. I’m learning to balance, and to blend all of our needs…I’m headed to Iceland soon to make work with my family, blending working with my mothering, my partnering and homeschooling my son. I had a friend recently tell me “I wish I could do all the things you do with your work” just after telling me how she planned to spend all summer on the beach with her kids. And I was envying her. So my focus is shifting to find ways to have both at the same time. And I am also shifting to find ways to achieve artistically what I am after, but not always a massive installation…I’m working more towards film and performance. anyhow, I see you are a mother as well? My child is part of this all, he sees it as his world too, but it is a struggle to also remember just to let him be the most important thing sometimes. And I just stay optimistic that there is a way to balance it all, even if I don’t always feel I’m succeeding at it. And friends help too….a friend just volunteered to help out cutting out things that don’t really need my hand involved. So we hang out for a bit and socialize and get a little work done (multi-tasking!)
      And most importantly, my husband’s support even when it is hard, both financially (at times) and everything else. we are trying more and more to work together as collaborators, because it is really what we are.

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